The Inaugural of SANBE's Oncology Plant By The Vice Minister Of Health Of The Republic Indonesia

10 March 2017

Sanbe Farma one of the leading local pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia is committed to increase the quality of people’s health and improve the government health program. As the realization of our commitment, we developed a plant that manufactures anticancer products (Oncology Plant) that are highly sterilized. With the investment value of 15 million US Dollars, this is the first technological breakthrough in Indonesia. The Sanbe Sterile Oncology Plant is located in Cimareme – Padalarang. The Area of the building is ± 3,500 m2, on a land area of 18 hectares.

Sanbe Oncology Plant is using updated technology including isolator units and inline production machines. Sanbe is the pioneer in Indonesia which use the isolator. Products are double-filtered using 0.22 micron filters. The products comply with the Indonesian, US, and European Pharmacopoeias. The dosage forms are sterile solution for injection and sterile lyophilized powder for injection which are packaged in glass vials of 2 mL – 25 mL of capacity.

The Sanbe Oncology Plant has received a GMP certificate from The National Agency of Drug and Food Control (NADFC) Republic of Indonesia for the facility and the whole system. Besides isolators, we also apply the use of RTP (Rapid Transfer Port) as supporting equipments in the integrated transfer process to the isolator units. The isolator units and RTP produce the best quality products and provide the highest protection to personnel and the surrounding environment from the potentially hazardous product exposure.

Overall, The Sanbe Oncology Plant is able to create safe, high quality oncology products which will improve the Indonesian health system and potentially become globally marketed.