Sanbe Achieves Yet Another Milestones with GCC Approval

13 March 2017

Good Manufacturing Certificate Approval From GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)

Sanbe have received GCC approval for two of its world class manufacturing facilities situated in Bandung, Indonesia.

GCC is one of the most stringent approvals and it opens the door for Sanbe in Six countries of GCC.

GCC comprises of Six Countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait with a total population of over 39 millions.

The facilities approved are: Sanbe Sterile Preparation Plant and Caprifarmindo Laboratories situated at Bandung, Indonesia.

Sanbe Sterile Preparation Plant followings lines are approved:

Sterile Liquid dosage forms
Large Volume Parenterals (LVP): Liquid or Injection-Plastic bags Terminal Sterilization
(SVP) Small Volume Parenterals: Liquid for Injection-Ampoules and Eye drops
Semi Sterile dosage forms
Sterile Eye Ointments
Sterile Solid dosage forms
Sterile dry powder for Injection
Caprifarmindo Laboratories followings lines are approved:
Non Sterile products:

Liquid dosage forms:
Syrups, Drops
External Liquid
Semi Solid Dosage Forms:
Solid Dosage Forms:
Effervescent tablets
Powder (Dry Syrup)
Sanbe planning to launch the products manufactured in the approved facilities in GCC markets by 2013.

With GCC approval we have moved a step further of becoming world class organization.